Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Room to breathe

Not just room to breathe, but actually a room to breathe in.

I switched rooms this semester, and already, it has been so good. My window looks out to the plaza, and I can see the sun rise and set every day. I can see a straight-on view of the Sears Tower.

I'm still on the same floor (fourth) of my dorm. I don't have to climb lots of stairs, or wait long on the elevator to get to where I live. I love the girls on my floor, and so appreciate the community that is created here, as we do life together at Moody.

Since moving rooms, not only do I have more light (YIPPPEEE! My last room was dark), but I also had the chance to start fresh. I could decorate however I wanted, and I had a better idea of what would be important to me, and what was unnecessary. The room isn't big, but I can still make it feel good.

This is my desk. And these are the things that make my room feel like home:

: My lamp is sitting on top of a cardboard box from Amazon, and covered in a pretty apron that I had. (Shh... just don't tell anyone!) Can you tell I love flowers? *Happy Sigh*

: A picture frame filled with homegrown, and hand-picked lavender. Kristi made this precious gift for me, and gave it to me right before I left for college. 

: A vintage postcard from Czech. It has a letter from a long time ago on the back, and the view just so happens to be just up the road from my house in Czech.

: DIY bulletin board: cut out piece of cork board. Secure to wall with sticky tack. Done.

: A "Krtek" (Little Mole) card that my Czech friend sent me last semester. Reminds me of my childhood! And on the left is a painting by my talented cousin, Jonathan, from this Christmas. 

: Something to collect spare change in, and a bear from Mom, just because I love teddy bears.

: Pictures of nature. They brighten my day! Also, that's my Czech Bible, which I cherish all the more now that I'm far from home.

Any space can be made cozy. Add some Christmas lights, lamps, blankets and pillows, and you're already at a good point. Personal touches bring so much life to any space. If you are a college student, I hope this gives you hope - even a "boring" dorm room can feel beautiful, if you make it "you". 

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  1. Lovely!! I can't believe how different your room looks! Love the lamp there, up on the Amazon box!!


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