Friday, February 28, 2014

Grocery Shopping

You don't quite realize how normal activities can actually be splendid ones, until life changes.

Mom's creativity comes in different shapes and forms than you would expect. She is a master at colors. She can pick out the best carpets, curtains, or couches for any room. She can spin words to tell an intriguing and captivating story, both in conversation and in writing.

Mom's creative in the kitchen, and an expert grocery shopper.

She may not say so, but she really is. She always finds recipes, but then completely changes them to fit her tastes.

Anyway, we used to go to the store after school almost every day. It was sort of tradition. This wasn't because we needed a ton of groceries, but because Mom liked to decide what she was in the mood to eat on that given day. Needing something sweet? Breakfast for dinner. Needing a comfort meal? Stew. Have a taste for something exotic? Ethnic food. In a time-crunch? Tuna noodle.

We strolled through the only two aisles we ever shopped on in at our grocery store, picking up what we needed for the day. It became comforting, and it was a great time to debrief the first half of our days, sharing stories and news with each other.

I don't have these regular shopping trips with Mom anymore, and I miss them. I miss leisurely weighing the bananas and sticking the price tag on them. I miss finding the perfectly ripe avocado for the night's guacamole. I miss giggling about the fact that the cashier we saw everyday never talked to us much and barely smiled when we saw her. I miss chatting casually about the day.

I got to go on a shopping trip with my dear sister-in-law, Lara, today!

It was a taste of normalness. Her boss (she's a nanny in the city) let her use her car for the weekend, so we got to drive to the store, which feels like a huge luxury. We took our time wandering through Target. We basked in the beauty of Wholefoods, finding just what we needed. Of course, we laughed and talked the whole time too, and stopped at Intelligentsia for coffee together, and to see Tyler.

It was good to do something "normal", yet something that is sweet. I'm in a new life stage, but still the same things make me happy.

(Mom, I still miss those shopping trips with you! Lara and I were definitely thinking of you today! Can't wait to grocery shop again together soon over Spring Break.) 

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  1. Oh GOODNESS!!! Way to make me get all teary!! Wow...I miss that. A LOT! Who knew I'd miss Billa so much?!! But part of it is that we had our special time there. Every day! HA! Who knew Billa could be special?!! Thanks for posting this. I loved every bit of it, and all the memories associated with life at home with you!


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