Monday, February 3, 2014

First Super Bowl

Sunday was the first time I've ever been in the States for a Super Bowl. Before, I never wanted to wake up at 1 AM to watch it in Czech! Not to mention, I never really (ok...still don't) understand football. Now that I'm in the States, and because Caleb's favorite team made it to the top, it was finally time to sit through an entire Super Bowl.

The Russells, long-time friends from church, had us over for the game, and were the best people to spend that afternoon with. Thank you Russells!!

Caleb waited with baited breath, but, sadly, this year was not the Broncos' year to win. He's been a fan since he was little, so this was no small deal for him. He took it well though, and albeit disappointed this time, will still be a Broncos fan through and through!

On a side note... of course I have to add a couple favorites, per America's tradition:

Commercial: Hyundai Genesis "Dad's Sixth Sense". And Coca-Cola's "America the Beautiful".
Snack: Fresh blackberries, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Both such a treat!!

There's a first time for everything! I'm glad I got to experience the real and true spirit of the Super Bowl. 


  1. A cultural experience for my missionary girl! :) Glad you got to be there for it, even if it didn't turn out the way Caleb hoped!

  2. Welcome to an American ritual, where even the non-fans take part in the big day! I think it would be great for you to choose an NFL team to root for so that you can have a stake in the game. Would you choose a team by their colors, geographical location or by mascot cuteness?


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