Sunday, February 23, 2014

Family in all ways

This weekend has been full of good memories with the Patty family, Smith 4 sisters, and church family.

Us "Chicago Patty's" finally tried the local neighborhood's Middle-Eastern/Israeli restaurant near where Tyler and Lara live. The food was so great! Seriously, I think Israeli food is some of my all-time favorite, and has been since my 16th birthday when I had it for the first time in Vienna. Delicious.

It felt so "normal" to go out for a family dinner, and yet, it's special too. This is a unique season of life.

Yesterday Lara invited me and a few friends from my floor over for an afternoon of snacks, and relaxing. That was another sweet family time - family, in a different sense! Time with my sisters in Christ and my sister-in-law.

After church today I went over to the Russell's house, because they recorded some Olympics for me. I am a huge fan of the Olympics, but it's really difficult to find a place or time to watch it at Moody. They were so kind to record it, and I fully soaked in watching the opening ceremonies (even though the Olympics are ending now), catching up with the Russells, and petting sweet "Wick", the dog they're taking care of for the weekend.

This has been a refreshing weekend. I am thankful.

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  1. What an adorable little doggy! And so glad you all got some good Israeli food!! Who knew it would become a favorite?! Wish we could go back to the Scots for a few meals...or Jerusalem. Yeah, we definitely need to return someday!


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