Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The painting

There is one special item in my room that makes me feel at home.

People have noticed it when they come into my room, and ask me if I painted it. No, I didn't paint it. But a man who lives just up that road did. I live in that valley, near those trees, surrounded by those fields, and mountains. "Rajsky" is a local artist who lives in the village up the road from our house.

Every time I look at the painting (which is proudly displayed on my desk), I think of Czech. Dad gave it to me the Christmas before I left for college, for the purpose of having art in my room. He knows me well! There's something about paintings that makes me feel warm and sentimental inside. He picked out the perfect painting for me, too. A personal, handcrafted touch completes my room.

I'm thankful to have this little painting to stare at while I sit in the dorms in Chicago. It's like looking through a window to home. 

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  1. Claire, this is a beautiful post and makes me also miss this very special view. I loved finding this painting for you because of how much I love you!



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