Monday, January 6, 2014

Colorado to Wyoming

Saying goodbye to family yesterday was bittersweet. I am so thankful for the time we had together, and it's sad to have to leave!

We had a long drive ahead of us after we finished lunch with the family. Off to Jacksonhole, Wyoming! 

I am continually refreshed by mountains, fresh air, and am still enjoying this break from buildings and crowds.

As we wound through the Rockies, the temperatures started to drop, and snow drifts blew in swirls across the roads. Our windows frosted up so much that Caleb and I couldn't even see out of them in the backseat. Black ice covered the road. Traffic slowed, and Dad proved once again that he is an expert driver! I am thankful he was driving, and not me (not that I would be anyway), because I wouldn't have handled the drive as well as he did. He kept his cool, and focused on the road. We were fine the whole time!

Oh, what a relief for all of us, though, when we made our way down the mountain and out of the worst of the ice. After we passed Breckenridge, it was smooth driving. We stopped alongside the road to snap a couple photos, not realizing that those frigid temperatures that are being talked about on the news applied to here too.

Caleb looks fairly at ease in this picture, but we were both freezing our hands off and shivering, even just moments after we got out of the car. Let's just say, we didn't get many photos, and I ran back to the car as soon as I could. Brrrrrr!!!

Though the light was dim, driving through hills and prairies like these always makes me feel peaceful inside. I'm glad know that there are still places almost completely untouched by civilization.

I stared out the front window, since I couldn't see out of mine, and watched the snow continue to fall as Caleb read a book to us aloud. Mom and Dad said they saw game 7 times on the trip! Elk and deer are everywhere! God definitely protected us from hitting them. My heart skipped a beat a couple of times, for sure, when I saw huge elk bound across the highway. They're beautiful, but scary when they appear in your headlights!

We rolled into Jackson at 2:30 AM, and were happy to be in warm beds in a motel for the night/morning. In fact, Caleb and I must have been especially happy, because we both slept until 12 the next day!

It was all worth it though, when we woke up at noon to see blue skies, pristine snow, and mountains stretching in every direction. I'm excited for these next few days in Wyoming.

I quite love it here.


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