Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back, but reminiscing

I'm sitting in my new dorm room at Moody. Same floor, different room. It feels good to unpack and settle in, but strange to have come from mountains and snow to city and wind. It's different. I think this semester will be good though.

I looked through pictures from this past week, and was reminded of all the sweet memories I have. The time with my family was priceless, and I couldn't get enough of admiring God's Creation. He blows me away every time.

The last day that Caleb and I were in Wyoming (my parents are still there), some of our friends blessed our family by letting us borrow their snowmobiles for the day. What an incredible and unique experience! Never did I think I would get to ride a snowmobile in the mountains of Wyoming. What a gift.

There's nothing like untouched, raw, natural beauty to bring me the greatest joy.


The most surreal experience was when we came around the bend to find dogsledding teams. Dream. Come. True.

Even Mom loved speeding down snowy roads in the cold, fresh air. That's saying something, since she doesn't particularly like the cold! She does have an adventurous spark in her though.

Caleb, of course, was overjoyed. His brave and fun-loving spirit savored every bit of the thrill of going off-road through fresh powder, and reaching top speeds on the snowmobile.

Dad made sure everyone was taken care of, and joined Caleb in all of the off-trail kinds of things. I'm pretty sure we were all giddy that day.

I didn't know that eating in the snow would actually be as enjoyable as it was, but "When in Wyoming"! A simple sandwich tasted divine!

I don't think I could have asked for a more memorable last day of Christmas vacation.

Now back to Moody, studies, dorm life, and everything else that goes along with college. Part of me doesn't feel ready for it yet, and the other part feels at peace being back. I'm here though, so I think I need to remind myself of that saying, "Wherever you are, be all there".

Time for my second semester to begin!


  1. You are on a roll of writing such great blog posts, and posting awesome photos! I loved this one! Ahhhh, what great memories we made and what precious experiences we had! Miss you here!!

  2. That is such an awesome and epic adventure for you! I can't believe my niece Claire Patty has been on a snowmobile and I still haven't!!! I'm just a bit jealous...but it sure looks like fun! Thanks for all of the pictures and sharing your day with us.

  3. Great recap Claire! That last day really was a magical, never-forget kind of day for the four of you. I'm so glad that God carved out that day as a perfect way to celebrate the love you have for each other in a FUN and adventurous way. And I'm glad you got a picture of your mom too! Fun to see her being out in the cold with a smile on her face! Love you!

  4. these photos are sooo awesome! seems like you had a great time and what wonderful memories :) I wished I was more excited about this semester starting, but it's my 6th semester in college already, so I'm about done with it... :P I hope you have a great semester, keep strong ;)
    - Gabi


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