Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Patty Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Patty's!

We've been in Denver for a few days, and are soaking in the warm sunshine, fresh crisp air, evergreens, and family. The house we're staying at Cousin Carol's is just down the road from my grandparents' and cousins' houses. This is the neighborhood where Dad grew up. It's a short walk over to both houses, and so fun to be close together like that.

We all went over to our cousins' this afternoon for Christmas dinner. Lara and I were quite excited about the homemade candied pecans that we were bringing for a salad to put on the Patty family dinner table.

Don't worry, we did actually manage to bring most of them over to the house... even after nibbling at them beforehand! Good thing the walk wasn't long, or there would have been less pecans at the end!

Dad told us stories on the way over to dinner. He told us about the places where he used to have friends, where he played, what he loved, and what adventures he had. In the picture above he is remembering a particularly fond place - the tree where he built his treehouse. That tree was struck by lighting years later, and only the remnants of Dad's childhood treehouse can be found there today. Nonetheless, the stories and legends remain.

 I am thankful for a day like today: full of joy, of hope, of Good News, of fellowship, and yes, of good food!

(Please pray for the Patty family! We are all so happy to be together, but are also experiencing a pretty bad bout of sickness. Fevers, coughs, sniffles, and sore throats are spreading to multiple family members. We have a family reunion planned for this week, so pray that everyone is well to soak in this unique and special week of being together in one place! It's not often that we get everyone together from three different countries.) 


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