Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Memory gifts

The best kinds of gifts are the ones that make memories, and create stories.

The other day I was talking with my Dad's cousin, and she was telling us about a thrilling job of "cliff diving" in a extremely unique restaurant in Denver. It was hard work, and she didn't get payed much. (Plus, it was just a weird job!) But when we asked her if she got payed much, she answered: "Only in stories!"

I feel the same way about gifts sometimes. The ones that come with stories are actually more valuable than the money you spent on them.

Thus, these cheap  special ornaments from Target Santa's Workshop were found today while Mom and I were doing some last-minute grocery shopping. It made this day memorable in a fun little way!

Dad: He loves Croatia. Ocean in Croatia = whale ornament (even though there probably are no whales in Croatia). 

Caleb: He's getting married in Colorado in May 2014. Moose in Colorado = reindeer ornament.

Tyler: Has a fondness for gnomes. Mom remembers. Fondness = gnome ornament.

Lara: Tyler and Lara make such a lovely pair, and we are so blessed for that. On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me... Tyler + Lara = 2 Turtledoves!

Claire: Well, this is Brad. What does the fox say? Old-fashioned and handsome = Brad the Fox ornament.

Mom: I helped pick out Mom's ornament with her. She has a collection of snowmen at home (instead of Santas). Collection = snowman ornament.

And in this spirit the day continued.

We enjoyed the most wonderful of evenings with the whole Patty family -- telling stories, singing carols, praying together, drinking wassail, eating cookies and chocolate, reading the true Christmas story of Jesus' birth, and giggling and awwing all the time as we exchanged gifts.

Most of all, we are remembering Christ's birth today. He is the reason for our joy and peace. Without Him, there would be no celebration, and no salvation.

Tomorrow, it's all about Him. 

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  1. I truly love this post! What a fun little family moment! And even more fun remembering shopping for them together at Target! :)


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