Sunday, December 15, 2013

Just gotta laugh

I'm sitting in the "Fireplace Room" at Moody, studying. Well...taking a break from studying, I guess, would be a better description, since I'm currently writing.

This is the start of finals week.

I'm smiling to myself, because I am already finding that there is an entire culture to college finals week. I am also finding it to be different from the atmosphere in Czech around Maturita time. I don't know what universities are like in Czech, but I would guess the study habits would be similar to those at the end of high-school.

The Fireplace Room is the designated "quiet room" at Moody, hence, I am here. Just outside the doors is a group studying. Actually, they're often laughing more than studying. Groups like these are scattered around campus. They are sprawled out in hallways, sitting at round tables, tucked into dorm rooms, and gathered at clumps of comfy couches. I'm sure they're doing work, but there's "fun" involved too. I think it must be a subconscious stress reliever; or maybe that's just how they learn best?

I am sticking to a quiet room for now. I love people, don't get me wrong! But I know that I wouldn't get anything done if I were in a group right now! Finals don't seem too scary to me, but I still want to do the best I can. The things I'm learning are things I want to know, so I want to learn them well!

So this is yet another interesting culture difference-- study groups are definitely more common here than at home. That's something I'm not used to! It may not be my style, but it does bring more life to campus, that's for sure! It makes me laugh. 


  1. I was always more like you Claire in that I wanted quiet around me so I could concentrate. Every evening during college I would go to the library, the 3rd or 4th floor to find quiet because I could never study in the dorm. Now when I look online at the Wilson Library at WWU, each floor is a different zone for noise level, for different types of studiers! Funny that they have actually put that into a policy!

    Good luck on your finals...I'm sure you will do great!

  2. I think study groups are often an excuse to socialize... I definitely always studied better when I was by myself. Good luck with finals!


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