Saturday, December 21, 2013

Journey to Colorado

I finished classes, and am now officially on Christmas break. Oh, how splendid.

Where is our destination for these holidays?


The beautiful, the ever-changing, the magnificent Colorado.

The views this morning literally took my breath away -- both in beauty and in frigid cold air.

We drove through the night from Chicago, and couldn't help but stop at sunrise when the land seemed to be other-wordly.

We stopped alongside the road and soaked in the beauty for about 5 minutes before crawling back into the warmth of the car.

Only an hour and a half later, we reached Cousin Carol's house, and ate a big family breakfast together. There was much talk, though half of us were either jet-lagging (the other Patty's flew in from Slovenia!), or car-lagging (that would be us). I don't know about the other Patty's, but after breakfast, we crashed. Most of us slept, or just recuperated from our long road trip.

It was all worth it though. It feels good to be with the Patty's again.

(Cousins are pretty awesome!)


  1. I am loving this time!!!! Thanks for catching it so beautifully for us in this post!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! When you do head back? I am in Denver. Any chance you are getting down here soon?


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