Thursday, December 12, 2013


I just took my very last quiz for this semester today. Yes, I still have finals, but no more little quizzes. How strange that this semester's classes are finished! Next week we will only be taking last exams, but not attending classes anymore.

It has been such a good semester in these classes. I don't think I'll even realize how much I've learned until I reflect back on this time one day. Even just grasping a fraction better the message of God's sovereignty and justice, yet love and compassion through my Old Testament class has been mind-blowing. God's people rebelled so many times; they complained, they doubted, they went against what God told them to do. And yet, through it all, God continued to promise a Redeemer, and kept His promises to His people.

God is faithful.

For a larger and better quality version of this photo I took, click HERE. Feel free to use it as a computer background or something fun!

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