Saturday, December 28, 2013


How to capture these past couple of days in words?

They were simply splendid.

Driving up to Breckenridge yesterday was so sweet. We soaked in the sunshine as we made our way up to the mountains. We strolled around the city, window-shopped, the guys played broomball in the snow, and we watched the sun set on our way home. That's definitely one of the best ways for my "tank to get refilled", as we say. Spending a day with my family outside? Just what I needed.

Today was much more laid-back, in the nicest way. We hung around our cousins' house, cooked together, and told stories. Sometimes there is no need for any "activity" or planned event when it comes to family. Just being together is enough. There never seemed to be a lack of things to say, and smiles abounded, even with some people still sick. They were troopers though, the whole time, and never once complained about their coughs and colds.

Here's a glimpse into what it has been like around here. Feel free to only look at a couple photos, or click through all of them! They remind me of joy. They tell me of the glory of God's Creation - both through nature, and His people.


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