Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Carlie and Mitchell: Engaged

I am rewarding myself for finishing a paper and a quiz by posting a couple pictures from yesterday's engagement photos with Mitchell and Carlie. I know I still have to press forward, and work hard, but a little breather is ok too.

Amidst this busy week of last papers due, and finals coming, it was still important to me to take photos for these two, since they'll be moving to Spokane next semester. I've only known them for these past few months, but they have become sweet friends, and I'll definitely miss them next year! I'm thankful I've gotten to be a part of this unique season of life for them of getting engaged. I hope these photos remind them of Chicago and all that came with this stage of life!

Sad to say... now back to homework! I thank God for all that I get to learn here at Moody though! It's hard work, but it's worth it. 


  1. You had me shocked and surprised for a moment when I saw the title of your blog post, as the anagram for Carlie is all I saw was Claire and Mitchell Engaged! Whew, I was sweating it there for a minute!!!

  2. Love these pictures :) They look like a really happy couple!


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