Saturday, September 28, 2013

Using the oven

I used the floor oven for the first time! I was a little scared to try baking, because I've heard the oven usually burns the bottom of things, but Carlie and I braved it. The result was delicious!

Carlie is wonderful. She is also hypoglycemic, meaning she has to watch her sugar intake, and loves healthy food. I found a food buddy!! She lives on my floor, Smith 4. (By the way, our mascot is Abraham Lincoln)

The recipe we used to bake this deliciousness can be found HERE. It did taste really good. However, it's not like traditional crisp. It's not buttery and brown sugar-y, or even especially crispy. So if you're up for a less sweet, healthier version of a crisp, this is great! I wouldn't recommend it so much as a sweet dessert though... that is, unless you used brown sugar instead of coconut sugar/agave! 

Still, this crisp was a success! Yay! 

The best part? Making memories and building friendship by doing, creating, and talking and laughing along the way. (And eating yummy crisp!) 


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