Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Their world, my world

Mom and Dad are still in the first part of their sabbatical, which they are spending in Croatia. Our worlds are so completely different right now. Both are unique, and spectacular, in their own ways.

My view (from the rooftop of a dorm):

Their view (thanks for the photo, Mom!):

Completely different, right?

It's hard to believe that I left Czech, and then Croatia, over a month ago. And it's also hard to believe that my parents are still in Croatia, and I am in Chicago!

Mom and Dad will be coming to the States in a few weeks (they'll be here in my area for a month), which I'm looking forward to! But until then, this is for you, Mom and Dad - ENJOY!! And... Chicago awaits you! 

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  1. Yeah, "slightly" different worlds! Ha!! Can't wait to see you!


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