Friday, September 27, 2013

Good gift

Remember how a couple of days ago, I talked about finding beauty?

God brought beauty to me.

It reminded me again that He knows my deepest desires, and He is a good Father who gives good gifts!

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, all Moody students go to chapel. Usually we sing together, we pray, we are told about any school activities or news, and there's a word from the Bible. Occasionally we have chapel on Fridays too, but that one is optional.

Today, the Moody gospel choir led worship on the plaza during chapel hour. The weather was perfect this morning. If I could choose my perfect weather-day, it would be today: crisp, cool air, warm sun, blue sky. On top of that, the Lord was being praised with joy and gladness!

I felt so refreshed after today's chapel, thankful for God's gifts, and thankful for Moody.


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