Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Bro-sis" at Moody

Every girls' dorm floor is paired with a guy's floor at Moody. These floors become the "bro-sis" floors.

We can sit at a table in the cafeteria together, we have events together, and it helps connect people at Moody (not necessarily for the purpose of dating, but yes, that does happen sometimes! Don't worry- nothing has happened like that yet!)

Mostly, the bro-sis floors are a way to bring community and fun to the school life.

On Friday, we had a bro-sis event. We went on a photo-video scavenger hunt in the city, and it was hilarious. I laughed so hard that night, because everyone was just being silly! We were put into groups of five, and explored the city taking pictures and videos of the most random things. College wouldn't be college without these experiences, right?

Plus, we celebrated our brother floor's RA's (Resident Assistant) birthday! It's been great getting to know the traditions of Moody - including the bro-sis events!

Good times, hard times; silly times, challenging times; content times, homesick times. This is college! 

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  1. Good blogging! I love this window into these days for you. I'm coming SOON! Mom-daughter time is on the agenda! :)


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