Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maturita and the Loys

I have butterflies in my stomach as I write this. Not quite the "happy" excited ones, more the nervous ones.

Today we had the first of our maturita exams. So far it was easy (writing two English essays), but tomorrow will be more difficult. Tomorrow we write the Czech exam. It consists of a standardized grammar test, and an essay/story/article/other form of writing. We've practiced for this, so there shouldn't be anything unexpected, but you just hope for good questions and writing topics. And I can't believe it's already tomorrow! After these tests we have two weeks to prepare for our oral exams.

On a happier note though, yesterday I had the privilege of taking family pictures for the Loys. Mr. Loy teaches English at our school, and they all go to our church. Their family is wonderful! Photographing them was so easy, since they look great no matter what! The kids had such good attitudes, and smiled most of the time, which is definitely not always a given! I was impressed with those kids!

I edited them in color and in black&white, but just for a change, decided to share the b&w versions.  Love how classic b&w can be!

I have only photographed family portraits three times, but have loved it every time. I think it's hilarious watching kids goof off and do their own thing, and see family dynamics. I vividly remember taking countless family pictures (to send to the States), so it also brings back childhood memories!

If you ever needed some family pictures taken, let me know! I'd be happy to help you! Just e-mail me, or comment on my blog, and we can figure out how, when and where.

And just for a little splash of color...

Ok, now back to work to go over some last Czech grammar rules for tomorrow!


  1. And you do a great job at it too! Problem? You're leaving in a few short months! :( of course we're excited for what's ahead but we'll sure miss having you around these parts!

  2. Claire! These pictures are awesome. You, my dear, have a creative gift that now is being expressed through your camera lens. LOVE THAT! You go girl! :o)


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