Tuesday, April 30, 2013

School: "The Last Bell"

"Poslední zvonění."
= The last bell.

Poslední zvonění is a tradition that has been going on for decades here in Czech. On the senior class' last day of school (before the first part of maturita starts), students dress up in crazy costumes and go walking around town asking for money. Usually this money goes towards the class' last get-together before leaving school, but mainly it's a fun tradition and something we all can look forward to in our senior year.

Today, we had our last day of school! Before picking up our end of semester report cards, we traipsed around town, playing music, singing, and looking ridiculous. And we enjoyed ourselves while doing it! People were very generous and kind. Older ladies commented on how cold we must be, some asked what school we were from, and others just smiled and dropped a little change in the straw hat we were holding.

It made me a little uncomfortable asking strangers for money, but it's all a part of the tradition! I sheepishly followed along and giggled my way through the morning. Smile and wave, smile and wave. And say 'thank you' (or děkuji). My classmates were more brave though, giving compliments for 10 kč (about 50 cents), and singing Czech "campfire songs" at the top of their lungs. It was awesome.

I treasure every last experience with this class, not to mention every typically Czech experience too. I've been with the same group of 25 for four years, and am thankful for all of them! I'm going to miss you guys, my dear class!

One of our teachers (who works somewhere other than the school as well) saw us from her office window, and wanted to give us a little something too!

After we were all done outside, we went back to school and received our report cards. Can't believe this is the last time I sat in this classroom with this group of people.

And finally, you might be curious what I wore today. I decided on a Venetian mask, a colorful scarf and some yellow shoes!

What a memorable day all together. Oh, and we also put up our tablo today! Pictures to come soon!


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