Monday, April 29, 2013

Quick trip to Prague

Last week my wallet was stolen. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but it did.

I got an e-mail from my bank in America telling me that someone had tried to use my debit card to purchase something in Slovakia. Crazy! Thankfully, my bank denied the purchase, and I was able to block the card before anything else happened. 

Unfortunately, my passport was also in my wallet. Since my passport is my most important identification here, I needed to get it replaced quickly!

Getting a new passport required a trip to Prague, since that's where we have to go to the embassy. We hopped on a train early this morning, spent an hour or so at the embassy, sat in Starbucks for a bit, poked around Prague, and took an afternoon train back home.

This is definitely not how I expected to spend my Monday, but I am thankful for it. Everything went smoothly, and I got to spend a day with my parents in one of my favorite cities. Getting a wallet stolen is unnerving, and a little scary, but God is redeeming that experience!

I am actually glad I am learning how to deal with this now, with my parents around, in an environment that is familiar to me. I will definitely be more mindful and careful with my wallet/purse (not that I wasn't before, just maybe not as much as I should be). Since I'm moving to Chicago, that is something I'm glad I am learning now and not there (the hard way!).

This isn't an experience I would have chosen to go through (especially right before maturita), but it's taught me a lot. Mom wanted me to learn how to deal with these kinds of situations, so I was the one to call my bank, report everything to the police, and fill out all the forms needed. Though I got a little nervous handling those things, it's good practice! Gotta learn some day!

* Also, you may have heard about the gas explosion in Prague today. We didn't see or hear it happen, but we were not far from the place of the explosion. The public transportation (above ground) was completely stopped, trams lined up one after another, waiting for things to clear up. Thankfully, we were unaffected by this sad event, but my heart goes out to those who were! Please pray for the people who were hurt and their families.

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  1. Such a bummer that you lost your wallet. Props to your mom for making you make the phone calls though. I felt so unprepared for real life when I left for college, because I never had to make those kinds of phone calls.


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