Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brilliant study tool

I just found the best new study tool! I am so excited about it.

I stumbled upon a computer application called "Self Control" while looking up some info on Spark Notes. Spark Notes was helpful, but this app is even more helpful! The concept is simple: sometimes we can't concentrate when we work on the computer, so SelfControl does self-controlling work for you.

If you're at all like me, it's easy to get distracted with the Internet at my fingertips. Facebook? Pinterest? Blogs? Sometimes I want to turn off my internet, or close my browser, but I always end up turning it back on because I usually need to look for information online to help me with projects or while studying. Thankfully, with this app, my distraction level will go way down.

Download the app here:, and keep it handy for days when you really should concentrate. After you download it, you can type in which websites you want to block, and for a set time (the time period you choose), you will not have access to those sites. Genius!! Even if you turn the app off, or turn your computer off, you still will not have access. This app is smart.

(Too bad I still have my phone...but that's easier to just turn off and put aside than my computer!)

My written tests for Maturita are next week!!! My oral exams (the most important part) are in exactly 4 weeks. Phew. I definitely am going to need this app.

I hope this app helps you somehow! Happy working/studying/focusing!

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  1. I'll have to try that! It's so hard to focus for AP tests right now. I'll be praying for your maturita exams! I remember preparing for Italy's middle school version of those and it was stressful. In bocca al lupo! :) (the Italian version of "good luck")


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