Saturday, February 23, 2013

Those Blue Bowls

As I have said before, and as so many people say, it's all about the little things. I'm not just saying really is true!

The apartment we're staying in this week in Hvar is small, with worn wooden doors and windows, mismatched decorations and a quaint view out to the sea. It's not much, but it's grown on us. When we arrived, we weren't sure exactly how cooking would work in the little kitchen, but Kik (a discount store) came to the rescue! You never know what treasures you will find there, and this time, we found a much needed can-opener, a cutting board, plastic plates, and cereal bowls.

This is a very, very small detail, but one of the things my mom and I love in the morning is cereal in deep round bowls with sliced bananas on top. Europeans don't really use these kinds of bowls though, so it wasn't surprising that they didn't have any stocked in the kitchen here.

Mom cares about the details that make memories special, so when we found cheap, pretty, light blue round bowls (whew, those were a lot of adjectives!!) in Kik, she decided to just go ahead and get them. You actually wouldn't imagine what a difference it's made in how we enjoy our mornings. It's those little things that I'm going to remember about being here.

The light blue bowls. The wind. The funny light-switches in the rooms (funny, as in, mismatched). The dogs who come to say 'hello' to Kaylee in town. Lunches from the grocery store. Gluten-free crackers.

P.S. As you can see, Kaylee is my little buddy these days! It's not quite the same without having brothers around, but I am thankful for her. She's great about sticking close and, of course, posing for the camera too. Teehee. I'm sure if you have a dog, you understand that they just become a part of your life!

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  1. You'll laugh! I saw this post come up at the bottom of your latest one so clicked on I'm sitting here, in Croatia again, eating out of yet another blue bowl from Kik! Oh those blue bowls!


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