Monday, February 4, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard

Ok, ok...I know what you might be thinking..."Claire, now why are you making ice-cream in the winter?"

Because this recipe is THAT good. That's why. 

You might also be thinking this picture doesn't look like doesn't look like perfect ice-cream. You are right about that... I am not an expert ice-cream maker, and I didn't even try to scoop this into the glass, because I wanted to eat it as soon as possible. Mmmm.

But really, here's the love story between me and Blizzards...

When I was little, we only got to visit our grandparents once a year or so, sometimes not even that often. When we did get to visit them in Eugene, Oregon, they were always the best at providing "American goodies". Grandma and Bapa's treat to us were always Dairy Queen Blizzards.

There was a Dairy Queen near their house, so we'd walk down there, and they'd let us choose whichever one we wanted. Heavenly! I can't remember which one was my favorite when I was little, but I'm sure it involved big chunks of something, and most likely included something chocolatey. Hence the love for this particular recipe for a Cookie Dough Blizzard.

Ah, good times! Anyway, back to the recipe. This Blizzard is vegan, coconut-free, and gluten-free. It is flavorful and creamy. It's wonderfully delicious, and I think you'll love it.

Click here for the recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard.

As always, I made some little changes:

- I added a swirl of peanut butter into the ice-cream...couldn't resist
- I used Silvana's all purpose gluten-free flour mix instead of regular wheat flour
- I stirred in the cookie dough instead of blending it, because I wanted chunks of cookie dough instead of it being all blended in
- Oh, and guess what I just realized...I didn't just use 2 tbsp of the cookie dough in the ice-cream. I put it all in!!! Yum! Hehe...didn't even notice that I did that. But definitely keep it that way. It's so good!
- I let mine sit in the freezer for about 20 minutes, so that it was just a little icier.

That's it! Deliciousness!

Question of the day:

What is your special treat when you visit your grandparents? Pie? Koláče? Coke? Candies?

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