Sunday, February 17, 2013

And so it begins

It always starts here.

I walk down our driveway, my little buddy trotting beside me. We head to the left or right, and off we go exploring. It's not like I don't know my neighborhood, but I love looking for the changes in seasons, for the little nuances of the place I live in. What makes it unique, what stands out, what makes me smile?

This is the ONLY sign of anything green I found!

And since it's winter, these lovely walks always end with this...

A bath. Kaylee tolerates them. I wouldn't say she loves them, but she is patient with us. (Plus, I just think she's adorable all wet....I'm such a softie when it comes to my dog!)

Also, this marks the beginning of my Spring Break! For most people here in Czech, Spring Break is the time to go skiing. Not for our family! We leave for Croatia tomorrow to get a little time in the sun. It's not hot there (it's in the 50's), but it'll be good for us to breath sea air, and soak in some Vitamin D. I'm thankful, and excited!

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  1. I'm kinda jealous that you're going to Croatia... enjoy yourselves!!!


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