Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Last JVK Camp

JV Kid's camp* is always a landmark in my year. I have often blogged about it, and each year it is refreshing, fun-filled, and sweet. God has used it every year to teach me things and remind me of truths that I had forgotten.

I have posts about camp from 2007, to 2009 (I skipped 2008 somehow), to 2010, to 2011, and now, to 2012-- my very last JVK camp. I start my 4th year of high-school next week, and will graduate next spring. Then, hopefully, I'll be off to college. But sadly, that means I'll be gone for next kid's camp. I can't believe this time of life is over, but I am so thankful for every single year I've been with this group of kids at camp. They are amazing.

To give you a better view of what it's like to be a JVK, and to be a camper, I thought I'd interview my dear cousins, Becca (14), and Kendra (12). What better way to capture camp than through their eyes?

Wild and Wacky Night
Here we go...

1. One word for who the JVK are: 

Becca: Family.
Kendra: One word for how I would describe the JVK is FAMILY,.

2. How did you get to JVK camp?
Becca: I carpooled with the Jacksons and spent the night at the Vuletic's house.
Kendra: Carpooling with the Wicks and by staying at the Vuletic house! I love how the JV are so giving!

3. Who were you most excited to see this week?
Becca: Probably Kiley, because I really missed her this summer while she was on furlough
Kendra: I was really excited to see... well...everyone how can you pick a favorite brother or sister?

4.  What was the "funnest" moment of the week?
Becca: Volley WHAT?! [something like volleyball played with fruits, vegetables, eggs, a pig's tail, squid etc.- yes, slightly disgusting, but hilarious] and paintball.
Kendra: Wild and wacky night / skit night 

5. What made you laugh?
Becca: Skit night and staying up the last night to jump in the lake and play random, slowly progressing (due to rule debates) games.
Kendra: Watching peoples funny expressions when they caught the squid at volley what and and when someone had the tick [=a clothespin decorated with pipe cleaners that you try to pin on people without them noticing-- if "tick check" is called at any point during the day, whoever is caught with the tick has to do something embarrassing in front of everyone- i.e. singing, interpretive dancing, spelling their name with their butt...] or when they had to get mail [=same embarrassing things, but to get letters from their parents or friends].

6. What made you cry?
Becca: Goodbyes.
Kendra: When we said are good-byes to the people who were going to college I cried a LOT and most of my talks with God.

7. What did you learn that you want to continue on in at home?
Becca: I learned how exciting the Bible is and I want to continue to be excited about it and delight in God's word.
Kendra: Listening to God and reading his Word.

8. Are you excited for next year?
Becca: I am for sure excited about next year! Can't wait to come back with more memories from camp and the upcoming May conference!
Kendra: Yes I am S0 exited I am already talking about it and counting the days 'til next year's! 
From left to right: Kendra, me, and Becca. 
  *A camp for the missionary kids in Josiah Venture


  1. Cute idea with the interview! Who were you dressed up as in the group photo? You look really funny with the big wide eyed expression!

  2. I love this blog post!! Super creative to interview the girls, and the photos are really happy!!

  3. I love love love this post!!! I never know the right way to explain JVK camp on my blog... great idea with the interview!

  4. WOW! Five years ago...who EVER would have imagined where you'd be today??!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I love YOU! And I'm so excited about what God has ahead for you!


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