Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little traveling tips

Traveling sounds so easy sometimes. But there are things that will be different and unexpected when you pack up and go somewhere. And as an MK (Missionary Kid) things can be especially confusing because of all the people we stay with, and places we visit. I love it, even though it can be a little crazy sometimes!

Here are a few (really) random things I often forget when traveling...I'm telling myself these tips!

1. You will miss your dog (if you have one) - it is more difficult than I realize to be apart from my dog for a long time! It's such a comfort to have Kaylee around, and she brings such stability and joy to our lives. Thankfully, we just visited some friends who had Cavaliers, so we got our fix! I was so happy.
2. You will need more suitcase space - somehow the clothes all fit on the way there, and don't fit on the way back. How is this possible?? Try rolling your saves tons of space.

3. Don't forget a dirty clothes bag - this is one thing I almost always I'm writing this just as much for myself as for you!!

4. It is awesome to see friends or visit cool places every day, but you need a little down time - make sure to have at least a few hours to actually relax while traveling, so that you don't burn yourself out! But maybe that's more of a tip for the introverts out there....get a little recharge time!
5. You will be so happy to see grandparents - enjoy every minute with them! (Really, I just wanted to share this sweet picture with my Patty grandparents- they're so great!)

6. Bring earplugs and and an eye mask - Seriously. Seriously. I didn't discover this until last year, and it has changed my traveling experience so much!! When you stay in new places, you never know if it'll be loud, or if your roommates will need the lights on longer than you want to stay awake. Earplugs and an eye mask are my best friends now. 

7. Never travel without your own blanket - cold flights. Cold air conditioning. Uncomfortable car rides. Scratchy motel blankets. You name it. Bring your own cozy's worth it!

8. Enjoy the trip - keep your eyes open for new places and things to see. The journey is just as much fun as the destination. 

There you go! Just a few fun facts. Now I won't forget them, and hopefully something can be helpful to you too! Enjoy your travels!

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  1. Ooo! Claire, I loved reading your tips. Christina and I kept building our list of important travel tips. And some of these I think I must've learned from Becca :) My list is specifically for the long flights and layovers.

    --Wear big earrings. They helps me feel a little more together even when I have that scummy, time-changed feeling.

    --Bring my glasses and some pj pants to change into at night.

    --Use baby wipes to have a mini-bath in the airport or airplane bathroom.

    --Carry on as little as possible.

    --Bring an empty water bottle to keep re-filling. And drink a lot. This will mean that you have to go to the bathroom a lot when you're on the plane, which is a nice excuse to walk around.

    --Have a little extra money at the airport for a treat: like a magazine, a book or a special drink. This is especially important if you're flying alone.


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