Monday, July 2, 2012

Gull Lake and Goodbye

We just finished a wonderful week at Gull Lake Ministries family camp. This is the third time we've been here, and every time I am amazed by this ministry. 

My dad had the privilege of teaching and being the missions rep for the camp, and I am so proud of him!  I got to be a part of the adult program this year, and be in his teachings, which I really enjoyed. (Maybe I'm just biased...but really, I love his Bible teaching!) 

I don't want to forget all of these precious times in the States. It's exhausting, yes, but also so very memorable. I'm thankful for the memories I get to make with my family. 

With my buddy Haley!! She is so so sweet, and I'm thankful I got to hang out with her at GL! Haley- you're awesome!
The last night of camp Caleb led the counselors in a worship song as a choir. It was amazing. I've never seen a group of people praising God as joyously as them! I loved getting a taste of what heaven will be like some day. :)

This was not just a nice week at camp. We also had to say goodbye to Caleb. *Not-so-happy-face* He's working at Gull Lake all summer, and after that is headed to Moody Bible Institute this fall. Thankfully, we get to see him in October, but still, this is the send off. This is the closing of the "four-of-us" family chapter. Officially. :(

It was hard to say goodbye. But I know it's right. I wouldn't want it any other way. But I deeply miss having my brothers around all the time.

Praying that God will bless my brothers as they're in the States, and that He'll give our "three-of-us-now" family sweet times together. It'll be different. But I know God will bring good things no matter what. I thank Him for that!

Question of the day:

Does anybody know what it's like to have older siblings move, and you're left at home? How was it for you? Good things and bad things about it?


  1. Claire,
    I have served with JV before in the Czech Republic. And, I think we are probably about the same age. (Yes, my name is Claire too!)

    I have had older siblings leave, and yes it is difficult. But God's love has always seen my family through. It is hard knowing family as it was will never be the same again. But rest assured God's plans are higher than are plans. His will is far greater than any others. May God bless you with peace as your family adjusts to being smaller. Remember our security is to be placed in God, not in our family.

    Maybe someday we can meet. Your blog has blessed me.


  2. Hi claire
    i do know what you are gong through my family is going through it too
    Nicolas just graduated and is going to collage :) and got a job
    this summer Nathan is a camp councilor at a Christian cam near us
    Zachary is doing some collage classes
    and i am left home (kanda) so i know it can be hard tears will be shed but its Gods plan to have them go and do what ever they for him next year it will be your turn yaya i cant wait to hear what God has in store for you

    Grace Pitcher love you lots


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