Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sweet Oregon Coast

It wouldn't feel right to come to Oregon, and not make a trip up to the coast. It's one of my favorite places in the world!

It was a beautiful day...which is somewhat unusual for the coast. It can get pretty rainy (though that has its charm too I guess), so we were all happy for a little TLC from the sun!

Adorable little coffee shop in Florence. That's my Grandma right there!

Coffee with Bapa.
Uncle Mike wanted to make sure I remembered this sign. :)
Nye Beach up at Newport
This is true Oregon!
Grandma and Bapa. Love you two!
Question of the day:
What one place is a must visit for you in the Summer?

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  1. Such fun pictures! It looks like you're having a great time. My favorite summer place is Fort Collins, Colorado. Every other summer, the organization my parents work for has a conference for all staff there. I've been going since I was a baby and it feels like my second home :)


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