Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just one of those days

It's a holiday today. No school.

Wake up... want to go back to sleep.

Get up, because there's lots to do today.

Make breakfast, while listening to Mark Driscoll's sermon about Jesus calling his disciples. (It was a really good one- super encouraging.)

Study chemistry and physics. And a little bit of geography. Write an essay for English.

Go for lunch with Dad to a new restaurant in our village. He leaves tomorrow for the States, so it was great to get some time with him. Best part of the day.

Study some more, and go to tutoring. Super helpful to have this time twice a week to help with studies.

Make dinner with Mom...big salad and attempted Israeli hummus- it was actually pretty good! (Trick: avocado, and reboiling canned chickpeas!)

It was just one of those days that is normal, and yet so not normal. My mind is full of information that I don't even know if I'll ever need, except for tomorrow's tests. But my heart is so delightfully full from Israel, JV conference, time with Dad, and excitement for June (Tyler and Lara's wedding is one month from today!).
The JV family!
It's one of those days when it's hard to concentrate on one thing, but I try to get things done anyway. It's a day when I could stop and gather myself a little before finishing up a busy week of tests and catching up with school.

But I do feel God's hand over all of this. He knows what I'm going through. Jesus had times when people pressed in on him and wanted him to prove something. But he stood firm in his position as the Father's Son, and let nothing move him from the calling the Father had placed on him. That's how I want to live day by day too. In His calling. In His plans.

God, may you use me even when I'm pressed, even when there's lots going on. You are at the very top of my list of important people and things to give my time to. You are life. Remind me of that.


  1. How do you put those three pics together? I downloaded instagram and thought that would do the trick, but not for me. Make sure to show me when you are here...I'll trade you with some additional driving lessons this year!

    Love You, UM

  2. hahahah i always draw little photos when i study. helps me remember..


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