Monday, May 14, 2012

Inspired to make

While we were in Israel, we had a "date night" (or, in our case, a family night!). We could choose any place to go to for dinner. Where did we choose?

Doesn't look like much yet? It's a frozen yogurt shop on the Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem (I couldn't actually find the real name of the place- people just call it Fro Yo, and in one place on the internet, I found Aldo' idea though!) You can choose any ingredients that you want to put in your frozen white yogurt, and then they put it all through a machine, and you've got a unique, delicious creation all of your own!

Maybe to Americans this seems pretty have places like Pinkberry. Do they let you choose your own ingredients? (There probably are places that do...I just had never seen this before! So genius)

My choice? (Of course, a thought through, intentional flavor. Haha.)
: Frozen cherries, bananas, dates, and glazed pecans (I think there was one more thing, but I can't seem to remember what!)

So this made me wonder if I could make this at home in my Vita-Mix? It'd be fun to do a dessert for dinner night one summer evening! I need to remember to try it!

And just to clarify, that's not ALL we had for dinner...but we did have it first. Teehee. The stylish little burger place we wanted to go to was closed until 7! Ah well- dessert first was fine with me!

P.S. I definitely would recommend these two places I mentioned if you ever go to Jerusalem! They were awesome! Both of them can be found on the Ben Yehuda street. 
Sorry the picture's a little crooked! But hey, you get the feel for the place.


  1. I want to go back!!! That was a magical even bought pretty earrings that night, and I had great decaf coffee at that pretty cafe as we walked home. All in all, perfect night together!


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