Monday, April 16, 2012

BMA Catch-it 2012

I don't want to forget it. It was an amazing time.

But in an hour our family leaves to Israel for two weeks, and I still need to finish packing and getting all my stuff together. So, at least to mark Catch-it, I'll post pictures, and the rest will just have to be memories!
"Plane crash" game.
Caleb is super happy that he gets to lead this excursion and no one else knows where they're going. :)
Where are we going?
Both of Magda's legs were "broken" in the "plane crash".
This is where we had the main program
Baseball! A key component to Catch-it.

Two of my close friends- Barca, and Kristi
Crazy games!

Dad came to speak at Catch-it. He did an awesome job sharing with the students about Christ.
Food is also important!
Anyone know the game Mau? That was the most played game at Catch-it this year.
I love my fellow BMA students and I am so thankful for how God is working in their lives.

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  1. Hi Claire that sounds like SO much fun allot of the games and stuff u did is like jv kids camp:)


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