Friday, March 16, 2012

No longer so far away

So cool to see Haley over here!
A few weeks ago, our dear friends the Chases moved to Slovakia to serve with Josiah Venture! My parents have known this family since Tyler was little, but we (Patty kids) personally connected with them again in 2008 in Colorado, where they lived. Since then we've become great friends - with the help of e-mail and Skype!

Caleb and I visited them in Bratislava last weekend for the first time. It was a little surreal! It's hard to believe that God led them all the way over here to the country right next to us. We're no longer an ocean away...I like that much better!

 Haley will only be here until August, because after that she will attend Moody Bible Institute in Chicago (where Tyler goes to college). I'm glad to at least get a few months with her here though. Saying goodbyes are just a part of being an MK, but they're worth it, when you get to say so many "hello's" too.

So...Welcome Chases- to Europe, and to JV!


  1. Hi i totally know what you mean about saying good bye it is hard but you do get many more wonderful hellos sooo i love being a MK

  2. how fun... I can't wait to meet them! And see you!


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