Sunday, January 8, 2012

God is good

I can't say those words enough these days.

God is good. 

This season of holidays was especially meaningful to me. And I know it was all a gift from God. These moments were some God's gifts to me this Christmas:

Tyler and Lara came to visit for the first time together.

 I experienced life with an "almost" sister for the first time.

We got to see my dad speak at the midnight service on Christmas Eve in Havirov, the city I lived in until I was 6.

We had a peaceful, joyful Christmas together.

My Patty grandparents came to visit us (they're in their 80's, but that doesn't stop them from traveling!!).

We started off the New Year with our dear friends, the Ellenwoods.

School started up again...normal life continues, but our God is the same...

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

God is good. 

And I praise Him for that.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time with Tyler and Lara have a happy new year Grace

  2. I LOVE the new look on your blog! Way to go getting that done! Fun post too...brings back SO many good memories doesn't it?!

  3. Hey I just wanted to say i Love the new look of the blog so cool Grace

  4. Thank you for the words, the pictures, the song. Just what I needed today...


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