Monday, January 30, 2012

Caleb's favorite

Any time I ask Caleb what he would like me to bake, he without fail always says something like this:
"Something with chocolate...What about that chocolate coffee biscotti?"
I have to say, Elana worked her magic with this double chocolate mocha biscotti recipe. It is absolutely delicious. And it's Caleb's favorite thing that I bake. Especially when he can have a latte along with it.

I would highly recommend making some of this as soon as possible! It's healthy, low in carbs, and feels special. 

To find the recipe, go here.

 Don't forget that you can make your own almond flour! Just grind some blanched almonds in your food processor or coffee grinder...voila! Almond flour! If you can't find arrowroot powder, try subbing corn starch and see if that works. I've read in the comments that they have successfully made this recipe with corn starch.

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  1. That sounds so good...i love how you post what you like baking....


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