Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas favorites

Whitney from Elm Street Life just posted this fun list of Christmas favorites on her blog. I loved the idea! Here are a few of my own that make me happy...

Smells: Pine. Cinnamon rolls in the oven on Christmas morning. Cloves.

Traditions: There are so many! I love the years when my Dad is asked to speak at the "pulnocni" ("midnight") services in Havirov or Ostrava on Christmas Eve. We all go together to the services that take place on the square of the city. It's chilly, but so many people come to listen from the city. Dad often presents the Gospel and shares about the true meaning of Christmas.

I  also love stockings on Christmas morning- when we were little, that was the only thing we could open before our parents woke up. It was always so exciting to wake up and go down to the Christmas tree with Caleb and Tyler (we'd always wake each other up) and open up our stockings.

Flower: Poinsettia (is that actually a flower??).

Movie: Elf- hilarious and cute. Christmas with the Kranks- a holiday classic for Mom and me. Santa Clause- 1 or 2, I like them both!

Hymn: Angels We Have Heard on High, or O Holy Night. But I love them all.

Memory: I'll always remember the day that my Dad gave me a painting. We had gone to Prague earlier that season, and went into an art gallery. I saw a painting that I absolutely adored, and couldn't stop exclaiming about. I NEVER, ever thought that my Dad might get it for me. My dad told us that we should wait somewhere, while he walked to the car (it was a ways away), so he could pick us up. Little did I know that he was not only being nice, he was also carrying the painting back to the car! When I opened up my present on Christmas morning, I was in shock, and so excited. I will treasure this painting for the rest of my life! 

Easy gift: Scarves, mugs with tea, or something yummy, like these pecans!

Sight: Snow falling under a street lamp at night. It's so peaceful and quiet- perfect! Or lit-up Christmas trees in little towns and villages- so happy.

Food: Cinnamon rolls, Turtle Cookies (Grandma's recipe), Turkey (by far my favorite meat), Mulled cider

Dislikes: The pressure of finding the perfect gift. You want it to be meaningful, so you don't just want to go out and buy what everyone else is buying. But you also only have a limited amount of money. Let's just say, I like making things for Christmas, when I can. But I will say, that if/when you do find the perfect gift, it's a huge LIKE of Christmas- that feeling that you know someone's going to get a lot of joy when they open their gift is so great.

Ok, your turn. Some of your Christmas favorites?


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