Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reminded by a red train PART 2

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When we arrived at the Stephens house, with a big plastic bag and a little red advent calendar train inside, I was excited. The thought of Cece's joy when she would open the present made my heart happy.

Mom had to explain to Cece what this train was, and what it meant. You get a piece of candy in each box. Every. Single. Day. Oh my goodness!! What could be more fun for a little kid than the surprise of what might be inside that little numbered box every day. Could it be a gummy, or a lentilky (Czech version of M&M's or Smarties), or a chocolate coin?
No peeking!!
You mean...there will be candy EVERY DAY??!
The first one...
Yess!! Candy!
So great!
This is the joy of giving gifts!

Now for 24 days (only 17 now!), Cece will patiently await Christmas- the day we celebrate Jesus' gift to us. She may not even realize it now, but waiting like this for Christmas is like us waiting for the return of Christ one day. We get some blessings now, and others Jesus is saving for us for another day. (We can't get them all at once!). And then one day, He will come back, and that will be the best day of all. Even better than Christmas.

So even though I sometimes forget the real meaning behind giving Christmas gifts, getting this gift for the Stephens family reminded me of the joy of giving gifts. I want to have just as much joy when I get "gifts" from Jesus this season, as Cece did when she received her gift. And I want to continue to give gifts with joy too, remembering Christ with every gift.
 And now may we patiently await the day we celebrate Christ's birth! Until then...why not start celebrating now! And remember what Christmas is all about... read about this special day in Luke 2. It's a great story, I promise.

One last note: I just have to say, Brian is an awesome dad. :) He got Cece more excited just through his excitement! Made the whole gift ten times better for her. Way to go Brian!!


  1. SO SO SO precious of a blog post Claire! Thanks for writing all of will be so sweet to remember!


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