Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Drizzly magical Vienna

The rain drizzled onto our hats and coats. Our feet were numb with cold. Our noses were red and our cheeks blushed.

But...somehow it all worked together, because...

The markets sparkled in the glow of the Christmas lights. Starbucks (yes, we went to Starbucks in Vienna...sorry little Viennese coffee shops!) was even cozier as we warmed our hands on steaming hot lattes. And we had such a sweet time together walking around and enjoying the city's charm!

It was a short trip, but very much enjoyed! We came home on Friday night. Just in time for Christmas Eve on Saturday!


  1. no idea why my last comment didn't post, but i love all the pictures! :) vienna is an awesome city and i have to say that i am really glad that i live so close to it!


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