Sunday, November 27, 2011

Transformed for Christmas

My brother Tyler said it well...."Now that the turkey had his's time for Christmas!". Who else out there decorates their house the weekend after Thanksgiving? We haven't always done this, but it sure is fun.

So, here's to welcoming the Christmas season!

First, a couple of before pictures...

 And after...

If you want to hear about the creative way we got this Christmas tree for free, go to my mom's blog.

 Question of the day:

When do you decorate for Christmas? What's your favorite Christmas decoration?


  1. My favorite decoration?? Oh my...that's hard to say! You know me...I love them all! I do especially love the first ornament I got from Vienna from you and Caleb, the bear that Bapa sent for you that sits on the piano, your stockings that Grandma gave you long ago, the advent calendar that Karen made, and the nativity set that we bought at Baumax for that first Christmas we were in the hotel in 2001!

  2. Oh Claire..I love your photos so much! Your teddy bear is so sweet. And my favourite decoration? That´s easy! I love when we have sweets on our lvingroom´s table. And one more thing- i love the "advent"´s evening when we light the candle and our family is together! That´s my favourite things of Christmas time. Btw: we haven´t Christmas tree yet! How is it possible that you have? :))

  3. Hi Claire! I was not on your blog for ages, what a mistake ! I went through your posts and I decided to answer your question here.

    We usually decorating our apartment day before Chrsitmas Eve. I know few of my friends decorate their houses long before, but in our family this is something like tradition, so on 23December we decorate our Christmas tree, our children room and our living room. And my favorite color for Christmas ? Definitely red and gold ! I love this combination, it's so warm and festive!

    Have a beautiful Christmas, I hope you will enjoy time spent with your family !


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