Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moments of joy

Lately the little things have been taking my breath away...

-Watching the sun rise as we leave for school.
-The crisp air of a clear morning.
-The truths in Christmas songs. (Especially in the soundtrack to the Nativity Story movie-it's one of my favorites!)
-The smell of a freshly cut pine tree on the side of the road by my school.
-The view from my mom's office window.
-A fire flickering in the fireplace.
-Kind words from friends.

But not only do the things I see take my breath away. The things I read are just as powerful...

-Jesus' softness towards women in the Gospels.
-Mary's faith in the unknown.
-God's sovereignty over everything that happens in our lives.
-Paul's goals to share Christ, show Christ, and know Christ. 

There are so many places where I can be encouraged day after day. I just need to remember to lift my eyes to see what God has prepared for me.

No tumbling under the waves...I want to see the view of the ocean.
Thank you Caleb for capturing this amazing moment from JVK camp this year in Croatia!


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  2. I really like this post Claire. I often times look up and around to find the wonder of life and creation. Thank you for putting your energies into noticing the joys of being alive. It really is the little things that make me happy!

  3. God is so good. do come and follow my blog.


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