Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sometimes we need to look back

You know those times where you happen upon some pictures from when you were six and can't stop looking at them? Or when you find some dusty videos in a drawer and can watch them for hours? Or when you find a tape (yes a cassette-tape!) of you singing a song from when you were four (yes, we have these!)?

 I love looking back. Sometimes I look back at really old things, occasions and events that I can't even remember, because I was so young. And other times, I just like looking back at a beloved place I visited a year ago, or pictures with my grandparents from the summer. Anyway, I like to remember happy times. 

So, here we go... let's look back at what life was like on this day (or very near this day), November 16th, in 2004, in 2005, in 2006...

This picture was taken on exactly this date, in 2004.
Just had to add this one too from 2004- three days after the picture above was taken, we had a snowstorm. A playground for us kids had arrived in white!!
2005, Nov 16th- it snowed again. Lily used to explore the wild white yard and come back looking like this. She was just collecting snow-balls I guess!
2006, Nov 17th- Grandma and Bapa visit us in Czech!
2007, Nov 16th (My mom is good at taking pictures often, isn't she?!)- yet again, there is snow on the ground. This time Caleb is shoveling the drive way with his little loyal helper- Lily.
2008, Nov 13th- we visit Chicago to support my dad in the launch of JV's capital campaign. We take a day as a family and go to the Museum of Science and Industry, where they already have their Christmas decorations up.
2008, Nov 14th- kick-off of the 2x3 Josiah Venture Capital Campaign, which has now successfully reached it's goals. Praise God! (Josiah Venture updates and webpage)
2009, Nov. 13th- Caleb's first sluskolona.

2010,  Nov.12th- my sluskolona (go here for one more video)
2010, Nov 16th- a more accurate date to correspond to this post- I visited a JV missionary family in Slovakia with the Ellenwoods and Caleb. Tthe Rumbolds were (and are) awesome!!
And here we's date: November 16th, 2011: an ordinary November day. Mom is frying chicken for dinner, making mashed potatoes, and steaming broccoli. And me? I'm enjoying some time with my doggy, Kaylee, and remembering past years through fun pictures.

How fun it is to look back at what happened each year! My mom has done a good job at keeping track of our lives through photos, and I'm very grateful for that! Thank you Mom!


  1. That was SO fun! Thanks for taking the time to track down all those photos these past seven years!

  2. Such a great job of putting this post together! It would be cool to see how big the trees in the first picture have grown since that a picture from your Mom's office?

    Tell Caleb that I really like his hair in the 4th picture...looks like a street urchin!

  3. What fun to look back at old photos. I remember that scarf, hat & coat you used to wear! Remember when you were the pink and then purple girl? Fun to see Caleb & Tyler younger as well. Those black snowpants are in many of our old photos too!

    Won't it feel funny to take photos when both Tyler and Caleb are away at college? We keep talking about what it will be like when our boys start to leave home and we only have Grace for a couple of're about to experience that with your parents. I think it will be weird but sweet to have years with "just Grace" at home. I know we'll eat better without all the boys! Bet you and your Mom will too.

    I'll make sure Grace stops by and looks at the photos when she's free this afternoon. Sweet moments remembering what it "used" to look like!


  4. You have a beautiful blog! THanks for stoping by!

  5. I remember all those times in the snow i miss those times we had in the snow with all of us with george and lily.I loved seeing those picture thanks for that it made my day



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