Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pumpkin bars and CCK

I have a new favorite blogger. Ok, just stop and think for a minute what would make a blogger my favorite... Yep, it includes baking. And sweets. And healthy. And cuteness. And good photography. And it's all dairy-free and gluten-free-adaptable. So...who is this blogger?

Chocolate Covered Katie!! If you've never heard of her, head on over to her wonderful blog here.

Today I tried one of her yummy recipes for pumpkin bars. She asked kindly if other bloggers would not share her recipes, but would link back to her, which I am happy to do! So here's the recipe link:

Pumpkin cream cheese bars (vegan, can be made gluten-free with an all-purpose gf mix)

A couple of notes:
- I used a normal egg instead of a replacer (I'm not vegan), and I think that's why my bars turned out more cakey. The second time I made these bars (I made them twice in two days!), I decided to just go ahead and make it round like a cake. It's so pretty that way!
- If you want to reduce the fat content or oil content, use applesauce instead of oil.
- If you don't have stevia, no problem! Katie added the measurements in sugar for those who want to use it. Stevia is a great sweetener though, and leaves a nice sweet taste on your tongue. It is a no calories, all natural, no side-affects, plant-based sweetener. Don't know stevia? Read about it here or's great! (I have stevia from this company- and it's not bitter at all!)

Question of the day:

Do you have a favorite food blog, food TV show, or cookbook? I'd love to learn about something new!

Some of my other favorite CCK recipes include:
- Chocolate bar pie
- Chocolate cookies filled with pumpkin

And I really want to try:
- Brownie batter pancakes
- One minute chocolate cake (Update: this was incredible and so easy!!! You need to make it.)
- "Skinny" snickerdoodles

*Oh, and thank you Lucy T. for helping me out with the photos for this shoot! You were a great hand model. :)


  1. My favorite food tv show is Top Chef! My mom and I always watch it; it's addicting :) The contestants aren't always the nicest people if you know what I mean, but if you block out their language it's a great show.

  2. @Courtney
    Yay for Top Chef! I haven't watched this past season, but I love the episodes I've seen in the past! It's fun seeing other people (who know what they're doing) being creative with food.


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