Monday, October 3, 2011

So many words, so little time

Travel. Cities. Friendship. Learning. Meeting people. Challenged. Baking. Autumn sun. Birthdays. Community.

Precious memories.
Celebrating Laurel's (a dear friend and JVK) 16th birthday in Slovenia this weekend
So many words to describe my life right now. Life is wonderful, of course, but challenging too. There have been high points and low(er) points. Fun experiences abroad with friends, as well as difficulties that come with a normal school routine. It all has been intertwining this past month. It's hard to even sort out the "goods" and the "bads".
With BMA's Romanian "sister school for the day" at the ACSI Student Leadership Conference in Budapest- love these people so much!
But what I do know, is that God has been so faithful in both the little things and the big things; in both the hard things and the wonderful things; in the highs and lows. He has blessed me with unexpected joys, and also taught me things that were not always easy.

All I can say, is:

God is GOOD.

And I am so grateful to Him for every little detail that He plans for my life, no matter what it is. I'm even thankful for bright red apples, and a doggy who gets excited about licking them, and trying to eat them. She makes me smile.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted! You'll be glad you did, even if you didn't write in detail about everything that's been happening. Sometimes you just have to put out a few words with some pictures, and then move on!


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