Monday, October 17, 2011

Menu idea

I just came across this creative menu plan at a family friend's blog. I love it! For those times that I have to cook while Mom is gone, this would help with the planning. I hope it helps inspires me!

Here's the post in her words:
"What I start with is this little alliterative device…

-Mexican Monday
-Tomatoey Tuesday
-Wild-Card Wednesday
-Thrifty Thankful Thursday
-Fancy Friday
-Soup & Sandwich Saturday
-Simple Sunday

This helps with my “writers block” and gives me a direction, but not a straightjacket.

Mexican Monday is anything from tacos, burritos, tostatas, salsa chicken, nachos, etc. Many new recipes fit here, like white chili. (which could also go on soupy saturday!)

Tomatoey Tuesday is anything italian/tomato based. Chili, stew, lasagne, spagetti and meatballs, etc.

WildCard Wednesday is usually newer recipes I’m trying out like quinoa salad; leftovers, or whatever doesn’t have another category

Thrifty Thankful Thursday is anything that is inexpensive and I’m positive everyone will enjoy. :) You can’t always count on that here.

Fancy Friday is just like it sounds. Steak, Salmon, expensive in time, cost, or both. I also use this night for training in table manners/nicer placemats, etc.

Soup & Sandwich Saturday (or sometimes Salad)is so I can spend time doing other things, and is usually something that goes in the crockpot, afancy sandwich (cilantro salad, anyone?), or both.

Simple Sunday is usually burgers in the summer, but often we eat out on Sunday noon; we just find what there is to eat in the evening before or after the church service :) "

Chile corn chowder- a good soup for a Saturday

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  1. I LOVE this idea!!! Let's start right about tonight?!


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