Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear cows and goats

Dear cows, 
Your moos are comforting. Your black compliments your white. You have adorable noses and beautiful eyes. I like taking pictures of you. You are always so polite and let me stand close to you, and if I'm brave enough, even touch you. 

But, I have one problem (and this is where goats win over you): 

Your milk makes my tummy hurt. I know, I know, you can't help it...but sadly, it's the truth. I'm sorry about this, but will you still be my friends? You see, I still like you. 


Dear goats at the zoo,
Remember when I used to visit you in the petting zoo and feed you out of my hand, and then run away? Those were good times. But since then, I haven't seen you much. It's probably my fault, it's true. But lately, I have come to really enjoy your friends over at our neighbor's house. They are kind enough to share their milk with another (our) family for a low price. They are very nice. And their milk doesn't seem to make my tummy hurt. 

Please tell them thank you if you see them. 

And yes, the goat's milk bottle does have a cow on it...ironic. But after all, cows are pretty cute, aren't they?
Yep...I think I can have goat's milk now (safely)! And our neighbors have two goats, and sell milk and cheese to friends- pasteurized and everything. It's been a wonderful treat! I never knew that fresh goats milk was so tasty.

I've heard that people who are lactose-intolerant can sometimes tolerate cultured yogurts, and goat's milk. Well, I'm still experimenting, but from what it looks like, both of those things are true for me! It makes me so happy to taste the creaminess of milk again...and honestly, I can hardly tell the difference between the tastes of goat's and cow's milk. I guess it's been so long since I've had cow's milk that I wouldn't know what it tastes like exactly! Anyway, the goat's milk makes me happy.

I'm starting to like goats more now.

But cows are still cute.

That's Lysa Hora in the background- the highest mountain in the Beskydy and the one that we look out on from our house every day.


  1. i'm so glad goat milk is working out for you! yay for milk!

  2. Claire, you are so witty! I laughed to see your letter to cows and goats...funny prose!

  3. Claire, you have a great sense of humor! I am so thankful you can have the yogurt and enjoy the goat's milk! I love your blog and the rural photos. I fight for contentment in these hectic suburbs. :) I am sorry I did not realize you had left me a comment...but thanks for that too. We are looking forward to seeing you and your family in June. I just tried a new recipe that made me think of you but I don't have time to write it now...more later! Love to the Pattys from the Parkers. Oh, and we gotta talk DOGS, too. :) bye for now

  4. ok claire! Here's the brownies! I think they will work for your family and they ARE awesome!


    the first recipe in the post is pumpkin bread which is full of gluten! But scroll down for the yummy safe brownies! (i think and hope)

  5. This post has me giggling this morning! I'd completely forgotten about it! You really are quite witty, as UM says!


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