Friday, October 7, 2011

And this is my class

You may remember seeing one picture of our class, which was taken in our first year. We've changed quite a bit since then! I love our class.

I asked Caleb if he would be able to take some pictures of our class (for our class bulletin board), because I knew he would do an amazing job. And he did! Here's some of the first ones...raw and unedited yet! Thank you Caleb for the fun pictures!!

(By the way, notice the random pieces of clothing/accessories? Costumes make everyone smile!!)

Love these girls!
Fall leaves are awesome.
 All the girls...and their "flowers". Haha!


  1. GREAT Class! I am so glad that you have this group of people in your life! I had 575 in my class and don't remember many of them at all. Cherish this! It is NOT normal, but it should be!

  2. I like these photos a lot. And you took them just in time...the weather turned the next day! Way to go in making those photos happen!


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