Monday, September 26, 2011

A little art

Sometimes it is so relaxing to draw with your favorite pens, paint with beautiful colors or doodle with fun crayons. This summer I got to work on some art, and I loved every bit of doing it.

This first drawing is one I did earlier this summer for our dear friends the Stephens. The picture was taken on the day that Cece (their daughter) first went to the hospital to see her newborn baby brothers. We had the privilege to be with them for this occasion, and even got to take Cece to McDonald's (her favorite place!!) while her parents stayed at the hospital for a couple of hours. I gave this picture to the Stephens as a reminder of that special day. So, here's Cece drinking her strawberry water at McDonald's! (Drawn with Copic markers)

I couldn't find the exact picture that I drew this from, but here's another one from that day. So sweet!

Another fun project I worked on was a painting at JV Kid's camp. We were challenged to make up our own flag which represented how our two cultures were woven into one-- a flag to represent our TCK (=Third Culture Kid) identity. The tree represents me growing up in both cultures, and also that I am rooted in Christ, and that's where ultimately my identity is formed!


  1. Giving that picture to Brian and Aleisha was SO sweet of you! I know they love it...and I do too!

  2. Hi Claire! Your comment on my blog the other day totally blessed me! Thank you for your sweet words! And as I've been looking around your blog, I could absolutely say the same thing about yours! I look forward to reading your future posts....

    Wow! You are one incredible artist, Claire. I love how you wove in so much meaning and truth to your flag one. Keep up the amazing work! :)


  3. Cece is so sweet! And you're very talented for art!


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