Monday, August 29, 2011

Vacation memories

Yep, it's time for vacation memories again! We had our ninth vacation this year with the Ellenwood and Hash family.

Sadly, this special tradition is coming to a close. In one year three family members will be at college. The year after that another three will leave, and there would only be one kid left. We decided that we wanted to end well, on a high note, and not make something last just "because". We may still do things together, but not as a whole group. This does not mark the end of vacations. This marks the end of vacation as we've known it, and the start of new, different kinds of adventures.

Is there such a thing as too many pictures? No, I don't think so. But, having so many pictures does make it quite hard to choose which ones to share with you! I'll share a few of my favorites from this year...
The whole group!
One of our favorite things to do on vacation: reading in the campground
We have awesome food on vacation, including Uncle Dan's morning eggs!
Our beach is straight ahead! (Taken by Caleb)

Beautiful evening trips to Croatian towns (Taken by Caleb)
The Patty girls!
I get to spend three weeks with this lovely lady on the left. :)

Never a dull moment with Hayley Ellenwood!

The city of Hvar: enchanting. (Taken by Caleb)
Birthday celebration dinner at a local restaurant. Mom turned 50 on the 17th, Noah turned 16 on the 19th!

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  1. Just looked at this post made me happy! What great memories!


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