Friday, July 29, 2011

New Addition

You're going to be seeing a lot of this cute little face in the future, because...

...this is our new addition to the Patty family!

We honestly debated not getting another dog. We weren't sure if we could go through the whole puppy process again, if we could travel with her, if we could say good-bye to yet another dog some day. We went for two weeks like this, trying to get used to a dog-less house. It didn't work though. Our family is not complete without the love, affection, and joy of a sweet doggy.

After some thought and prayer, we finally started looking around on the internet for breeders. We still weren't sure if we would find one that we liked, but figured it was worth a try. Eventually, we found one breeder, who sent us pictures of her available 6-month-old puppy. We fell in love with her right away.
The first picture.
 Dad called the breeder and talked to her about the possibility of getting her. She said she wanted her to go to a loving family, because she had a special affection for this specific puppy! She didn't want her to go to just anybody...she wanted her to be a part of a family. Check! I think we've got that part down!

On Wednesday, we drove about two hours to meet her family, and to take her to her new home. When we got to the breeder's, we were tackled by 15 precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniels! They all wanted a piece of the party. Cavaliers are some of the friendliest, most loving dogs I know. Seeing them all act that way reminded me yet again that this dog was the perfect one for our family.

So, meet Kaylee! 

We're still getting to know her, but we can already tell that she is loving, spunky, careful, and observant. I can't wait to find out more about her personality. She's already won a place in all of our hearts.

We all still miss Lily so much, but having Kaylee around does fill a hole. And it's nice to have a daily reminder of the love that Lily gave us. Thanks to her, we have even more love to give to Kaylee. The Lord really did bless us with this sweet new gift. I thank Him so much for knowing our hearts and our desires. He is so good!


  1. Wow! It is really so much cute doggy!! I would like her too :))

  2. SUCH a sweet blog post Claire. You told the story well...I didn't have to! Put a link on my blog to yours so people can just read it there. The Lord really is good...can hardly believe we have her!

  3. Hi Claire !
    What a great post and great story! I love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!
    Although I did not know your dog Lily, I believe that she have good times and that the Lord will take care of her! I'm sorry what happened to her. God bless you, Lily.
    But what I wanted to say it's amazing how things or people around us can show us the Lord's love and how He knows our hearts.
    And I hope that with your new dog, Kaylie, you will experience a lot of beautiful days!


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