Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bittersweet days

These past few days have been...


In this time of great grief for our family over Lily, we have experienced God's enormous strength, comfort, love and grace for us. That eases the pain, but it's still there.

Our family was blessed to be all together until Monday, when Tyler had to leave for training on the other side of Czech. Caleb started helping out at training on our side of the country this week. And I'm slowly starting to plan for English Camp (JV's summer evangelistic camps) which starts on Saturday. I'm thankful for this time that we've had together. God knew we needed those days to recover, so we could move into English Camp next week.

Please pray for English Camp! It's an amazing opportunity for open hearts, God's hands to be working, and for each and every one of us to grow.

*Photo credit goes to Mom for taking the picture...and Tyler for editing.


  1. Such a sweet, honest post Claire. This is a precious time to share together. I miss her.

  2. Such a wonderful photo of my three favorite people in the world!


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